Dear customers; in our stocks, we always have;

40cm height x 60cm width 125cm tunnel length  shrink wrapping machine
50cm height x 70cm width 150cm tunnel length  shrink wrapping machine
Incubator type wrapping machine and L cut  wrapping machine with tunnel

We also have various shrink wrapping machines in different dimensions in our stocks.


All of our shrink wrapping machines are manufactured in our own facilities under our control from the first phase of production to the last step, which is the delivery of the products to our customers. Dear valued customer; we, as MAY METAL, always show  maximum effort to have available machines in our stocks and deliver the standard wrapping machines in one week, installing the machine on-site. We also try our best to manufacture non-standart and custom design shrink machines and install them on-site in  a very short period of 15 days. Dear valued customer, MAY METAL manufactures and offers you the best quality shrink machines with the best possible prices. Instead of China and far east, parts from well known and established brands such as SIEMENS,ENDA ,GAMAK MOTOR,WAT MOTOR and TAHRIKSAN REDUCTOR are used in our machines in order to ensure the highest quality. MAY METAL has attained a crucial place in the market adopting the principle of providing customers with quality service. The essential systems of shrink wrapping in today's business world enables your products to look classy and tidy. If you want to obtain any kind of information, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact numbers.


Why is packaging important for the success of the product?

-        It defines the product.

-        It ensures the communication between the product and the end-user.

-        It enables the product to attract attention among rival products.

-        It advertises the product on the display case/shelf.



In general, packaging makes up the %0.5 of the cost of product. Think of the packaging first; most business people don't give much of a thought to how the package of the product should be. However, the companies must  first understand the contribution of packaging to sales and think of the possible effect of it on potential custmers. Whether the field of your company is electronics, cosmetics, food or automative; it is an undeniable fact that a suitable package design will enable you to get ahead of many other companies in your field. You should first determine the amount of money you want to spend on packaging and create a scale suitable for your product range; ensuring that all the products of your company are packaged in a specific theme. You should always go for simplicity and avoid complicated packaging designs which might confuse the end-user. Remember that the user always judge the product by the look of the packaging before actually buying it. Shrink machines are able to support the product and wrap it tightly with shrink film. Shrink packaging and wrapping is still an essential system due to  the advantages it brings in stowage, the protection it provides against external factors, the classy look it brings to the product and the reduction of the cost of packaging. Once you start using shrink wrapping systems, you can easily realise the advantages it brings in terms of labour and time.



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