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Shrink Ambalaj Paketleme Makinası
Shrink Machine

Technical Support and Spare Parts for Shrink Packaging Machine

Services given are replacement of wire jaws with long life aluminium, titanium alloy, teflon coated hot jaws, maintenance, repair and replacement of electric boards, replacement of phorone resistances and turbo blowing motors, replacement of conveyor motors, reducers and belt mills, periodic maintenance of shrink machines, replacement of heating resistors, cutting blades and teflon parts of the incubators and L-type shrink machines for all kinds of shrink machines.

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Deliverable Packaging Machines are Available in Our Stock

Dear Customers
Our company offers you the opportunity to buy machines on time, by speeding up production of the standard type machines on continuous production lines.
As a standard, the following are available in our stock;
Shrink packaging machine with 40cm height x 60cm width x 125cm tunnel size
Shrink packaging machine with 50cm height x 70cm width x 150cm tunnel size
Incubator type packaging machine and L section packaging machine
We also have shrink machines in different dimensions and sizes in stock.

Shrink Package Packaging Machines

The first aim of Maymetal is to satisfy our customers and to manufacture high quality shrink packaging machines, egg packaging machines, pvc L jaw shrink machines, textile packaging shrink machines. We also serve for second hand machinery trading, repairment, maintenance, periodical maintenance and service. We produce automatic shrink machines and automatic furniture shrink packaging machines. We always strive for submitting Low-Cost Best Quality Products to Our Distinguished Customers.

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Instalment by Credit Card opportunity is available for the Shrink Packaging Machines

Our company has introduced various payment methods in order to provide easy payment to our customers and started shrink machines sales with credit cards. In our sales, we offer easy payment with installments by the Bonus credit card.

Leather, Paint Drying Tunnels and Automatic Conveyor Manufacturing has started

May Metal continues to add new products to its manufacturing portfolio. Recently, our company has started to manufacture Drying Tunnels which are widely used in textiles, ceramics and mining. Our company also manufactures automatic conveyors and serves for manufacture and sales of leather, belt, bag, paint drying tunnels (in special sizes and dimensions) and special pvc, steel idler tape systems for product and cargo handling.

May Metal Group is a Specialist for the Shrink Machine

With its expert staff and many years experience, MayMetal Group is a specialized company in the production of steel construction and shrink packaging machines. MayMetal Group, which serves customers with a staff of 25 people in its manufacturing facility built on 700 m2 closed area in Istanbul, continues to grow with its self-designed shrink packaging machines.

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What does MayMetal do?

Our Company serves in the following fields, with 38 Years of Experience in the Sector:
Shrink Packaging and Vacuum Machines,
Shrink Packaging Machine,
Packaging Machines,
Package Packaging Machine,
Shrink Packaging Machine,
Shrink Packaging,
Shrink Packaging Nylon,
Egg Packaging Machine,
Egg Shrink Machine,
Cardboard Box Packaging Machine,
Textile Shrink Packaging Machine,
Furniture Shrink Packaging Machine.
In addition, it is among the leading companies in the sector with the Technical Service and Spare Part Supply.

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What is Shrink Packaging?

The word "shrink" in English means narrowing, tightening, drawing and shrinking in Turkish.
The packaging system is called as shrinking.

"Shrink Packaging / Shrinking / Packaging by Shrinking" is carried out by wrapping a product directly or a product which was already wrapped with another technique, with plastic film such as polythene, pvc, polyolefin.
Although this process is commonly called as "Shrink Wrapping", wrapping around the product is sometimes called as "Poly Wrapping".
The shrink film used for packaging shrinks by heat and takes form of the product which is wrapped.
Shrink packaging is applied together with Shrink Machine and Shrink Film.

For a proper shrinking process, you must first have a shrink machine and materials such as polythene, pvc, polyolefin.

For the Shrink Machine
. The first stage has hot type shrink nylon, cutting, sewing and welding units
. The second stage has the tunnel that provides a homogeneous turbo heat environment for the shrink film to shrink and lessen
It can be called as "Shrink Furnace, Shrink Tunnel, Heat Tunnel"

Shrink Packaging / Shrinking / Packaging by Shrinking have several purposes or functions:

. Turns two or more small packages into a single larger package in items or dozens
. Keeps a package or product clean
. Prevents a packaged product from being stolen or from being unpacked before being bought
. Serves as the enclosure and seal that indicates that the product is not opened
. Protects the product against pests
. Prevents the product from redistribution, being given as a gift or being sold
. Protects the product against oil, moisture or water and general external influences
. Provides durability
. Provides the original and undamaged delivery and access of paper products such as magazines, catalogs, etc.
. For this purpose, enables adhering the address label without harm and keeping clean during transport
. When necessary, enables adhering graphics such as adverts, instructions, warnings, barcodes, etc, using printed film
. Protects the product and sends it to the first user unused
. Provides aesthetics and tense appearance by taking the shape of your product
. Provides aesthetic contribution with brilliant transparency
. Enables grouping and holding together

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40x60 Shrink Package Packaging Machine

50x70 Shrink Package Packaging Machine

45x145 Shrink Package Packaging Machine

60x110 Shrink Package Packaging Machine

70x140 Shrink Package Packaging Machine

140x40 Furniture Type Shrink Package Packaging Machine

Side Feeding Full Automatic Shrink Machine

Full Automatic Styrofoam Shrink Packaging Machine

Automatic Cosmetic Beverage Shrink Package Packaging Machine

Intermediate Automatic L Cutting Tunnel Shrink Package Packaging Machine ( PVC POLIOLEFIN )

Capped Type L Cutting Shrink Package Packaging Machine ( PVC POLIOLEFIN )

Intermediate Automatic L Cutting Polyethylene Shrink Packaging Machine

Semi Automatic L Cutting OPP Polyethylene Shrink Machine

Sleewe Safety Band Sleewe Body Dress Up Tunnel

Full Automatic Leather Belt Paint Drying Machine

Automatic Capped Leather Belt Bag Paint Drying Corner Edge Horizontal Drying Tunnel

Nylon Bag Sealing Machine

Otomatik Diskli Döner Tabla Kapak Çakma Sıkıştırma Presi

Front Feeding Full Automatic Shrink Machine

Side Cutting Parquet and Fabric Rolls Shrink Packaging Machine

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