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Tecnical Services

The bar replacement of any type of your shrink machines with long-lasting aluminum, titanium alloy and teflon coated bars;  the replacements of phorone resistances and turbo winding motors; the replacements of conveyor motors, reductors and belt shafts; periodic maintenance of your shrink machines; and the replacements of  heating coils, teflon and shearing knives of your shrink machines.


Do you have problems with wire bar shrink machines? Do you have complaints about  the wire bars that break? Is the work always left half finished? We can be your partner and carry the packaging performance of your company to its utmost level.


We replace the bars with aluminium, titanium alloy 7075 quality special American teflon coated hot bars. The special feature of these bars is that they can cut shrink nylon faster and tidier. It is commanded by automatic digital heat and time control. The heating is provided by phorone 304 rust-free resistor rod. The maintenance can be applied when the work is finished, with a clean cloth that wouldn't stick to the material.

It can be used for long years as long as it is not exposed to metal.

Technical Support

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